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Mobile Workforce

Keep your data protected and your devices secured. Learn how any mobile device connected to your network can be managed safely and securely.

Managed IT Services

Are you an executive or manager that has been additionally been tasked with the IT role? Learn how we can help.

Protect Your Data

Backup and Disaster Recovery services. Secure and compliant backup services to keep your data safe and secure.

Web Management

Protect your data and assets. Prevent phishing attacks and managed what users on your network can access.


Managed Security, Managed Backup, Managed Mobile, Managed IT, Projects, Per-Incident Support


Small enough so you have a relationship with your tech, Large enough so all your issues and maintenance will be handled with the most expert technology


We will not require a monthly service plan to provide a project.  For per project items, our technical staff will discuss the scope of the project, then present you with a proposal


We’re not just the help desk or IT guy, we can be your IT department. You’ll also have a dedicated support person to your account so you won’t be repeating things with several different people.


Fixed fee plans means you will never pay more than the agreed amount for services. When used with a managed services plan, all services are included under one fixed cost.


When it makes sense to quickly resolve an issue, we provide interactive remote support to quickly solve issues. When necessary to be on-site, we’ll schedule visits to your location to ensure the proper operation of all systems

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    Brian, B2b Interactive Marketing

    TR Technologies is one of the best small business IT companies that I have ever worked with! They are knowledgeable, personable and offer the right solution at affordable pricing… Geek Squad they are not 🙂

    Gretchen, Baymont Inn & Suites

    I have worked with TR Technologies for the past five years on a couple of different projects at Baymont Inn & Suites in North Aurora. They were very professional and on time with everything, starting with the estimate straight through to the follow up after the installation of our hotel’s wireless network and they helped organize the entire installation process with the other vendors involved. The wireless network is a crucial part of operating our business to satisfy our guest’s needs and TR Technologies satisfied all our needs to help the hotel offer the best service we can. I would recommend their services for any computer related needs.

    Jack, Eggert Insurance Agency

    Chip and his associates have been the leading members of our IT staff for many years. Quick to respond when trouble strikes, forward thinking when recommending system improvements, always conscious of costs, and more importantly, they’re just nice people.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of Companies/Systems do you work with?
    We are partnered with Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, Spector, GFI, APC amongst others. By partnering with these organizations, we have access to training and tools that other companies don’t. This gives us access to all the newest releases of both hardware and software so we can let you know the most effective way to solve any situation your business may encounter. This also gives us the opportunity to deliver this software, hardware, and services to you at a lower cost than our competitors.
    Are your monthly services secure?
    Our software that we use to monitor meets the criteria for compliance with many regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and others.
    What are Managed IT Services?
    Managed IT services refers to a service agreement to manage any or all of you computer network resources.  We supply different levels of service with this agreement, ranging from simple monitoring and reporting so your staff members can resolve any potential issues to providing you with a complete help desk and it staff, all inclusive for one monthly fee.   What we do is setup and install our completely secure monitoring and management software on your computers, servers, and network devices.  This allows us to report on all events initiated by any of these devices, then act accordingly.  We can run updates, manage backups, manage network security, and mangage any other aspect of your systems.  We then can aggregate this information and report to you on any events that have happened and what corrective measures were taken to remediate any issues.
    Are we committed to a long term agreement?
    No, we provide services on a per-incident basis. We will have a discussion with you to find your needs and then prepare a proposal or estimate for the work that needs to be completed. We do however also provide monthly services that are the same as hiring your own help desk team at a fraction of the cost. We will never try and force you into a monthly service if your business doesn’t need these types of service so you don’t need to feel intimidated into long-term based services.
    How much do your services cost?
    We have different pricing based on the types of services that are required or needed. Please see the section below to see a basic pricing structure for all the different services.
    How do the monthly services work?
    We install software on all the network devices on your computer network. This software then reports to us based on any number of selects that we will configure with you. This allows us to see the potential of hardware failing, resources being over or under utilized, storage available, potential security threats and other potential network issues. We can then aggregate this information into a report that gets sent to you and our technicians based on whatever time interval you would like. It’s like having insurance for your system so that you can act on issues before they cause you any downtime.
    What areas do you work in-willing to travel?
    We have customers we regularly visit all over the Chicagoland area. We also have the ability to provide some of our services nationwide.
    Do you have any references/referrals?
    Yes, we have testimonials listed in the column on the left, but we also have references you may contact upon request.
    Are your prices hourly based?
    Depending on the services you need, we will in most cases first give you a worst case project cost. Only in extraordinary circumstances do we charge based on hours spent. By giving you a project cost, it is in both of our organizations best interest to complete the project as timely as possible and you can rest comfortably that our technicians are working as efficiently as possible to get your issues resolved as quickly as possible to keep your systems running with minimal downtime.
    What size companies do you work with?
    If you are a single person or if you are large corporation we can provide service for your organization. We have customers that consist of 2 users and we have completed projects for organizations that have as many as 230 users.
    Is our hardware and software protected?
    Yes, we are fully insured to provide all of the services for you computer network and can provide documentation upon request.
    What kind of project work do you do?
    We can perform any technical work that is on your computer network. Whether it is installing or upgrading a server, installing all new workstations, installing new network Internet service, installing backup systems, installing new software packages, or servicing technical issues, just submit a request with us or give us a call and we’ll work with you to complete whatever work needs to be done.