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The following instructions will show you how to install the self-issued or self-signed certificate from an outside or Internet connected computer to allow access to the Windows Small Business Server 2011 Remote Web Workplace.

Open up Internet Explorer and type in the remote address for your network in the address bar i.e. remote.trtechit.com and hit Enter or click ‘Go to’

Note:    While other browsers may allow you to complete some or all of the following, Internet Explorer is the only supported browser for these instructions

You will get the following page:

Click on the shield with the red x ‘Continue to this website (not recommended).’  and that will bring you to the following log on page:

Type in your Windows domain username and password that is, your username and password that you use to log onto your office computer.  This will bring you to a new page, which is your Remote Web Access portal:

Click on the folder labeled ‘Public’ under the ‘Shared Folders’ section:

In the following page, click on ‘Downloads’:

Click in the checkbox next to ‘Install Certificate Package.zip’ and then click ‘Download’:

Select Compressed ZIP file (.zip) and click OK

Then either click on Save in the middle dialog or click on the down arrow next to Save as in:

And then click ‘Save As’

Note the location you are saving to, such as ‘My Documents’ or whichever location you choose, and then click Save.

Browse to the location you saved the file to and then right click on ‘Install Certificate Package’ and click ‘Extract All…’:

Then click Extract.  A window with the extracted files will appear:

Right click on ‘InstallCertificate’ and click ‘Run As Administrator’, and click ‘Yes’ to the User Account Control if it appears.  Then click Install the certificate on my computer and click the Install button:

You should get the following message, and then click close.  You are now ready to connect remotely to computers on your network.