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Managed IT Services, IT Support, Aurora IL


Whether you have a small office with a few computers and little or no servers, you have 200 users that connect to many different devices and servers, or you have several data centers, complete managed IT services from TR Technologies, Inc. has you covered.

Many managed IT services and support companies seem to offer you a free systems audit or a consultation that will show you all the vulnerabilities in your network. That’s a nice feature but, guess what, they’re all going to find problems that will try and intimidate you into making a sale.

I’ll let you in on a secret – all IT services companies have access to all the same tools and auditing software. Any company offering you a complimentary audit is doing so to be able to show

You’re here because you know there are problems you have with IT and you value IT in your systems.

It’s how the tools are put together and used to support an entire network that separates the good IT managed services companies from the bad ones.

Many IT services companies also seem to offer you a Gold or Platinum or Bronze or Dirt package – another silly notion where these companies offer a subset of services, just to try and win business by tricking you with a smaller starting price.

While this strategy looks good for a small dollar amount on the surface, it leaves you exposed to risk and other vulnerabilities that ends up being much more costlier in the long run.

How can you get consistent results and expected performance from your computer systems if the IT systems are only partially supported?

Based right here in Aurora, IL, TR Technologies Managed IT Services and IT Support provide your computer systems and networking with a complete IT staff and IT services solution. Not just a guy that helps you after hours, not a company that only gives you your backup solution, and not someone who just manages your email.

Based here in Aurora, We provide COMPLETE Managed IT Services, Supports and Staff to keep your networks running the way they’re supposed to. Not just an IT guy that shows up after hours and on the weekend

Fully proven with repeatable results, we provide you with a complete IT services solution to act as your complete internal IT staff.

What You’ll Get

  • your own assigned vCIO
  • your own assigned Network Administrator
  • complete help desk for 24/7 service for your systems.
  • Complete IT Systems Best Practices

What you won’t get

  • Al A Carte services that you’ll be encouraged to add on after a failure
  • Only a block of included support hours
  • Additional fees for critical systems
  • Only some other absolutely necessary system