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You need to make sure to secure your biggest asset – your data. You need to make sure that all data is backed up regularly. You also need to make sure that all data is easily recoverable at any given time. Additionally, you need to make sure that if a disaster strikes, you are able to recover your data to another system to carry on with your business. You need to make sure that all storage devices are taken offsite regularly and that those devices are secured as well.

How it Works

We install our agents on your systems that you need backed up. Then that data can be seeded and shipped to our datacenters or an online backup can be run immediately. Then after the initial image backup is created, depending on the specified schedule, snapshots of all changed data are taken. Depending on your retention needs, a multitude of copies of data are able to be retained.

You’ll get regularly then receive reporting on all successes and potential failures. In the event of a failure a full explanation of the problem will be given so that backups can resume immediately.

Online and/or OnsiteBackup to local locations for quick data or full system recovery. Backup to offsite locations for disaster recovery scenarios.
Quickly recover dataRecover data that's been deleted or corrupted quickly by selecting recovery points rather than searching for media
Seeding to external siteFor offsite backup, full data or bare metal backups are made, then encrypted, then sent overnight to our facilities rather than running a full system backup over several days.
As many recovery points as requiredNo limits to recovery points allows for unlimited points in time in data recovery. As an example, if data was deleted 1 year ago and the retention policy is to keep 2 years of data, the deleted data can still be recovered.
Offsite recovery in DR scenarioIf the data center or server hardware becomes unavailable because of any disaster, offsite recovery can be performed to one of our cloud data centers.
Reporting of Failures and SuccessesRegular scheduled reporting of all data backups and the result. No need to check the console periodically.
All data is encryptedAll data, whether for seeding or for regular backups is encrypted with keys you create and keep. No third party can access these keys.
No additional agent pricingNo additional agents required for Hyper V, SQL, Exchange, etc. All data is priced per GB of desired protected data, not by type