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Managed Cloud File Sharing

The need to exchange data with your clients is necessary. Whether it’s a project calendar, a proposal, an RFP, a Purchase Order, etc., businesses need a way to share this data. There also exists the need for your mobile workforce to quickly be able to access documents when not in the workplace and out in the field.

Often times when exchanging data via email, this important information doesn’t get through or it gets through email but is exposed to insecure systems making it accessible.

Our managed cloud file sharing allows the exchange of data with organizational and other authorized users and is secured. It’s also not a public server or service that interacts with others, it becomes your own personal cloud storage.

How it Works

Our cloud storage gets activated for your organization with a specific amount of cloud storage. All users for your organization and, if applicable, the email addresses associated with each user is added to the directory. If your organization uses Active Directory, this can be synced with our cloud file storage servers.

Once users are added, you can then begin file exchange with all associated users. Then, you can grant access to guest users and guest users access is no additional charge.

Secure Private CloudAll files, folders, and storage is controlled by security policies. Additionally all storage is capable of encryption where the owners control the keys.
All data is on private storage that is only used for each organization. No 2 organizations share the same storage so 1 organization can't compromise the security and integrity of any other.
AD IntegrationEasily integrates with your existing Active Directory structure and local storage.
Local and Offsite SyncLocal storage can still exist and be used as if it were cloud based. All defined storage on the local system is synced with the cloud storage for access anywhere.
Free Guest accessGuests that data is shared with are not counted as active users and are not charged as an additional user.
Share via secure email links and attachmentsHTTPS sharing and encrypted messages can further secure your users and guest access to control who has access to your data.
User based accessOnly users defined by yourself or any other designated admins have access. Furthermore all access policies in your local system are inherited in the cloud storage.
Mobile Device AccessAccess your private shares from any mobile device without the use of additional software.
Instant On/Off AccessUser access can be immediately turned on or off at a moments notice. Any information previously shared is wiped from that users devices, laptop, computer, etc. and can no longer be accessed - unless access is once again turned on. Additionally, if turned on again, there is no need to re-share previously shared data. All settings are retained.