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Managed Employee Monitoring

Have you ever had an employee that was taking data, violating company policies, only to leave the company and take that data with them? Perhaps users have been visiting websites that they shouldn’t be using.

Possibly users are downloading copyrighted material on the businesses internet making the organization at risk of violating copyrights. These are just some of the reasons that you may have to record all usage of company devices.

Do you need to track the location of a device and when an employee was accessing a device, and what the employee accessing the device for at that location?

With our employee monitoring service, you can track all the above and more. You can track what a user was doing on their computers, record screen activity, record keystrokes, and additionally track the activity by location. This can all be done on mobile devices, laptops, computers, or servers.

How it Works

Our agent gets installed on the asset that you wish to track. We do recommend that you track all devices so that you can’t say an employee was targeted, but you can track on a per device basis if you wish.

Then from our managed online console you can pull up any events from any given period of time. You can check by applications, by on screen activity, or many other view categories.

Monitor communicationsEasily view conversations from email or other message applications. Can also search these activities for keywords
Screen recordingsView the on screen information as it was interacted with by the employee to determine intention
Record keystrokesAll keystrokes are recorded, with the exception of personal information such as credit card numbers
Block application accessControl access to use of only specified applications, based on policy from the console.
Scheduling of application accessControl the time that applications can be used during the day. As an example, permit games during lunch hours.
Mobile device employee monitoringRecord the activity from mobile devices in addition to laptops and workstations.
Track missing assetsIf a device is stolen or never returned once an employee is dismissed, it's location can be tracked.
Personal information is hiddenNo user can view things such as credit card information or other personal information so the employee's personal information can be protected. This also protects you of theft accusations.