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Managed Endpoint Security

Your users get viruses, but how often are these reported? Are you dependent on the user immediately letting you know when a threat occurs? Do your users try and hide when something happens because they feel something bad will happen to them if something does occur?

Make sure that you can be notified immediately when a problem occurs so that any problems can be addressed and mitigated immediately

How it Works

Our software is installed on all devices and then an initial scan is ran. We use a leading virus engine to determine all threats and, since this is a managed product, there is less surface area to be bypassed in threat attempts to get past antivirus.

If any items are found during the initial scan or in real-time any time after that, self-healing will take place to remediate any threats. Additionally alerts will be sent to all applicable parties to be notified of any activity so a course of action can be taken.

Small footprintAntivirus and Anti-spyware engine is small and consumes very little system resources.
Self-healingAny threat that is detected in real-time is deleted, cleaned, or quarantined and then is healed based on system wide policies
Harder to bypassSince the engine is installed as part of our monitoring agent, a full version of any known antivirus software is not seen and therefore is not easily bypassed by the attack or attacker
Full reportingRegular defined reporting of any threats or activity on any protected device is made to all applicable recipients based on the defined schedule. Immediate notifications can also be made to any specified admins.
System wide exceptionsExceptions for know allowed applications or files can be made from the console for all corresponding device categories
Leading AV engineOur endpoint security agent uses the engine of several top tier antivirus protection engines. If a client has a known engine they don't want to use, a different engine can be used in place.