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Managed Web Monitoring

These days, nearly everything is done on the Internet, and typically everything is done with a web browser. Your users are also using the internet for work, and likely they’re using it for personal things which may be with or without your consent

What makes things worse is that there are lots of people out there trying to steal information from bogus websites and other internet connected applications through things like phishing attempts and social engineering. This is where users are tricked into visiting that internet site to enter information that is stolen.

How much of your organizations data could be exposed if any of your users are allowed to go to these types of internet properties?

How it Works

You then define a policy of acceptable websites that are allowed and denied. We have prepopulated lists of both that are commonly known to be good or bad. You can also add to these lists or create your own on a case by case basis.

Through our management software, we set up a proxy for all devices to connect to. This then finds what sites the users are attempting to visit, compares it to the list of allowed and denied sites, then either allows access or returns a messaged that the site was denied.

Users are not able to circumvent these controls as nothing is locally installed and all traffic is passed through our management servers.

Categorized ListsCategories such as Social, Pornography, Gambling, etc. are pre-populated and regularly updated with known sites that can be added without needing to know specific URL's to allow or block.
Allow and Deny listsSpecific sites outside categories or within categories can be added to either allowed safelists, or denied blacklists.
Centrally managedControlled from our console, policies can be created for organization wide use, as well as individual users having specific designed controls outside of the corporate policy.
Monitor BandwidthIf users are streaming videos or other media and using excessive bandwidth, admins can be notified and users bandwidth usage can be limited.
Scheduled Filtering PeriodsFiltering can be turned on or off for categories, individual sites, or all traffic at any defined time period. As an example, filtering can be turned off for several users during lunch hours.
Prevent Phishing and Social Engineering blockingWeb security controls filters for web based threats such as phishing and social engineering. Additionally know sites are automatically blocked before an attempt can be made.
Logging of all usageAny attempts to visit sites are logged. This allows you to determine where potential bandwidth issues are occurring, as well as alerting to attempts visit sites that may be unapproved for any given reason.