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Mobile Device Management MDM

Mobile Device Management MDM

Commonly these days, the mobile workforce needs access to corporate data. This corporate data includes things such as access to email, access to shared files, or access to Line of Business (LOB) applications, amongst other data. With that exists the need to manage these devices with Mobile Device Management MDM.

Whether the users are using their own personal devices – referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), or are using corporate provided devices, the need to manage and protect the corporate data is a critical concern for IT management as well as organizational executives.

How it Works

With our mobile device software, we take away the worry of what’s being done on BYOD or corporate provided devices. We secure and manage all devices and give you insight into what’s being done with those devices. We’ll handle provisioning devices for all corporate policies to ensure that the proper security and device management occurs. All of this is handled through our management servers so there is no need for additional software or hardware at your location.

Remote device wipeAllows for administrators or other users with permission to remotely wipe a remote device immediately at any given time
Usage ReportingDetailed logs of how the devices are used, calls or messages that are made, andlocation reporting
OTA mobile device provisioningProvision any device for the corporate network, without the need to bring the remote device to the corporate office
Password Policy enforcementSpecify lock passwords for all users to be able to access corporate resources. If device is lost or stolen, extra security measures to ensure data doesn't reach the wrong hands
Device Functionality RestrictionsProhibit the use of applications or software that can compromise corporate data. Allow only access for corporate data and devices
Network SetupSetup specified networks, such as VPN or WiFi that the client is allowed to connect to.