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Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Your users need support and the person you have tasked to handle your in office IT gets inundated with constant requests.  Your systems also require regular maintenance including regular updating to ensure security. This is a job for an entire staff not just one person doing this on the side.

We take this off your plate by becoming your IT department, not just a go to person that handles stuff around the office.

We know the regular maintenance that needs to be done and can handle all that maintenance for you so it doesn’t get built up and then eventually forgotten about until a major catastrophe causing downtime occurs

How it Works

We will first perform a complete systems audit to become familiar with all potential issues on your network. We then address each of those issues.

Once the systems have been secured, we then install our Management and Monitoring software on all your protected devices. This software alerts us to any and all potential issues by querying the systems built in operating system logs.

Our software has no effect on system resources and allows us to perform any necessary management and maintenance tasks. It also allows us to interact with the system and allows for desktop sharing so that users can walk through any help desk issues

Monitored devicesAllows notifications of potential issues that can be acted on prior to significant downtime
Updated devicesAll devices requiring updates are updated and done so in non-peak times. This allows you to have maximum up time.
Inventory and Asset managementAll devices are accounted for on your network. Rogue devices and software become alerts that get addressed.
Monthly or Yearly plansYou can budget your IT expenses – No surprises
Support ExperienceWe have experience with a multitude of devices. There are rarely any surprises when it comes to the support of a device.
Minimized Security ExposureAll devices are updated whenever updates are available. All systems are monitored for security type activity
Remote SupportOur management software allows us to interact directly with users. By remotely accessing devices our technical staff can quickly respond to an alert or help desk request.
Help Desk Request Ticketing SystemUsers come directly to our help desk as if it were a help desk in your office. Help Desk requests can be made via text, email, phone, or web app