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Spam Protection and Mail Security

Everyone’s email inbox is filled with new messages everyday.  What’s worse is that there is so much junk out there that it makes it so difficult to filter through the junk to find the good emails that you actually want to receive.

What is Spam?

Spam is simply email that you receive that you never desired or signed up to receive.

There are all kinds of bad people out there trying to do things to try and steal your identity, assets, or your data. Spam email can contain

  • Phishing Attempts and Social Engineering- where a user tries to convince you to go to a page that looks legit but actually is setup to resemble a legitimate website and then steal the information that you willingly type in
  • Viruses – where malware is installed that can use your email address to send more spam, that contains keylogging software that captures your keystrokes and sends that information to the bad guys
  • Ransomware – software that you install, such as by opening an attachment, and then does things like encrypting your computer files and holds them ‘ransom’ until you pay or opens up false windows that look official that try and get you to spend money so you can use your computer
  • Spyware – software that gets installed on your computer and can then open new windows, programs, and browser tabs to either click on ads that generates revenue for the bad guys but renders your computer or device useless

Additionally when you try to filter email, you often end up filtering out good email that you want to receive and never end up getting important emails.

How it Works

Your email server address or MX record is set as our mail servers. Your email addresses are then setup on our email servers – either by syncing from Active Directory or other directory service, or by manually adding them.  All mail for those addresses is then scanned by our spam protection filtering servers. Email is then either blocked, quarantined, delivered, or a combination of those methods depending on specified rules, to your email server.

Filters EmailFilters spam and other mail threats for your email addresses. Any mail with a potential threat is quarantined.
Lowest Monthly FeeWe'll beat all competitor pricing.
Works with Local or Hosted Email ServersYour environment is independent from our filtering servers. Email is directed to whichever mail server you specify.
Email ContinuityIncoming mail is still received, even if your servers are down. Email can still be viewed and replied to from our portal
Leading Filtering EngineUsing a recognized leader in email filtering engine
Outgoing FilteringEnsures that your mail doesn't get your mail server and MX doesn't get blacklisted