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Backup and Disaster Recovery

You need to make sure to secure your biggest asset – your data. You need to make sure that all data is backed up regularly. You also need to make sure that all data is easily recoverable at any given time. Additionally, you need to make sure that if a disaster strikes, you are able to recover your data to another system to carry on with your business. You need to make sure that all storage devices are taken offsite regularly and that those devices are secured as well.

Many sites are using outdated media as backup data. Another problem is that the users tasked with securing backups take drives or tapes home in their car, stop at the grocery store on the way home, and likely never secure the data when it is off site. This is in the rare case when the data actually leaves the location from where it is backed up.

With new technology, it’s very simple to setup offsite storage and get past these problems. The technologies we use allow users that have multiple sites to quickly backup to other sites. In other cases we’ve setup systems to backup to the home or vacation home of a trusted principal. Any place can now be an offsite storage location – without the need to ever move the data.

Additionally, with our storage solutions, all data can also be retained on site for easy recovery of corrupted, deleted, or otherwise damaged data.

How it Works

Backup software is installed on all agents on your systems that you need backed up. Then that data can be seeded and shipped to any outside storage location, or an online backup can be run immediately to the offsite device and to the local storage. Then after the initial image backup is created, depending on the specified schedule, snapshots of all changed data are taken. Depending on your retention needs, a multitude of copies of data are able to be retained.

You’ll get regularly then receive reporting on all successes and potential failures. In the event of a failure a full explanation of the problem will be given so that backups can resume immediately.

Online and OnsiteBackups can be stored on removable or local storage. Backups can also be replicated to offsite storage depending on the organization needs.
Quickly recover dataData can be recovered as a file share on archived recovery points. No need to search catalogs for files and dates, just choose the file from an Explorer window.
Seeding to external siteLarge data sets of recovery points that would take days to load to offsite storage can be instead created on local media, then shipped overnight to the offsite storage site, then incremental backups can be run directly to offsite storage.
As many recovery points as requiredData can be saved as often as it's changed. Then, based on policy, each changed file is available for the specified time period.
Offsite recovery in DR scenarioRecovery points can be mounted on external hardware that could be accessed from replacement physical workspaces in the event of a disaster.
ReportingAll successes and any failures are reported and directly sent to the responsible party. No need for the responsible party to check systems and log in to consoles for job history information.
All data is encryptedAny data, local or offsite, is capable of encryption by the use of user created keys.

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