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Email Encryption

Businesses have changed when it comes to communications and how they rely on those communications. Most communications in business are done through email. Personal data is exchanged, sensitive account information, attachments that contain personal or business data, plans, technical drawings, etc. are all exchanged via email.

However, email has not changed since its inception. Email is exchanged through the Internet Protocol SMTP. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transport Protocol. The operative word in this acronym is SIMPLE.

The Bad News

What makes this a tremendous concern is that because it’s simple, it is also simple to access by anyone with any desire to access the information outside of the intended sending and receiving parties.

The Good News

Securing email has become much easier using Email Encryption. Email Encryption ensures that email that needs to be secure is intentionally secured by the sender and that only the authorized recipient(s) are able to open the email.

There are many systems out there that provide for this security, some easier to use than others. In any event email can reliably be sent securely.

How it Works

Our systems allow you to specify what email you or your users would like to send securely. An individual email is instantly encrypted from the email client. This email is then sent to a secured web server.

The intended recipient then receives an email that there is a secure message waiting for them to receive.

Once the recipient receives the notification of an encrypted email, they access the secure website and, upon approval, are able to read the message securely. Only the intended recipients, based on email address, are able to access this portal to receive the message.

Encrypted EmailEmail is encrypted with a key that can only be decrypted with the provided key. No email is sent in plain text such as SMTP in most email systems.
Only intended recipientsThe intended recipient is the only one that receives notification of an email available. Once the intended recipient receives the notification, they are required to authenticate to get the message.
All recipients can receive – Not client basedNo need to be on the same email system, such as gmail or yahoo mail as the recipient.
Email policiesAll mail meeting certain conditions can be encrypted at the server level, without user interaction.
Manual EncryptionUsers can choose to encrypt email on a case by case basis.

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