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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Terminal Services

Now with more of your users using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or company provided devices to access company resources, your need for your users to access these resources can become complex if your LOB applications require desktop environments for access. Additionally, you can’t guarantee security of your user’s home computers or BYOD if they are personally owned.

This creates the need to have a unified infrastructure that allows users to be able to be productive and still have access, while allow your IT systems and staff to be able to properly lock down the security for your systems and ensure proper updating of the environment.

How it Works

We will first run a needs analysis with you or your technical staff to determine what’s in place and what needs to be accessed.

In some cases a terminal server, which isn’t as resource intensive, is a suitable option.

In other cases some users require access to their own personal desktop as if it were a desktop or workstation computer or the LOB application only supports clients with a desktop operating system rather that a terminal server operating system.

Depending on this needs analysis, we then can determine the applicable required hardware and also plan for future growth in the system.

Once we understand the needs as related to desktop environments, we can then determine what other infrastructure at the organization location will be needed for users to access the systems.

Thin client accessRepurpose older hardware and convert to compliant thin clients that can connect to your virtual infrastructure. Thin clients could connect to either terminal sessions or to virtual desktops.
Eliminate costly network connectionsIn smaller remote offices, networks can be consolidated to access through a local connection rather than the need for a direct connection to the main office. With clients connecting to virtualized environments, the data load for a network connection is greatly reduced.
Secure preconfigured accessBy using a virtualized environment, virtual desktops and terminal sessions can be preconfigured for each user. Then session states can be returned to original state after log off by the user.
Hybrid solutionsCan combine both terminal and vdi environments based on use. Additionally, full desktops can still be used and communicate with virtual sessions.
Reduced Energy usageCombining virtual desktops on the same hardware allows for a smaller energy usage footprint. In per user traditional desktops, each workstation consumes a larger amount of energy than a single server that hosts multiple desktops.
Central management and deploymentManage multiple desktops on a server, rather than the need to visit - either virtually or remotely - individual desktops for maintenance or help desk issues.
If a desktop environment becomes corrupt virtually, the virtual desktop can be immediately brought back up by a desktop image rather than the need to diagnose faulty hardware or software or operating system issues.
Virtual Desktops or terminal services images can be updated prior to being put into production and then rolled out with updates after verification.
Minimize client hardwareMobile users or users that are not typically in the office can connect to virtual desktops or terminal services sessions from their own devices. This eliminates the need of keeping computers, workstations, or thin clients available in the office environment.
Environment is ScalableAs your user needs increase, additional desktops can be brought online immediately, without provisioning or purchasing new hardware first.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Terminal Services projects are highly customized and require some initial research on your specific needs and requests.

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