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Managed IT Services

We provide and manage many different services for your organization with our managed services.  These managed services are provided to help take each individual piece of work off of your plate and leaves the burden of monitoring and maintenance of each portion up to us.  We can make sure that all systems and services are operating properly.

Non IT Staff Managing IT Systems

Some of our clients are organizations where a Manager or an Executive is tasked with maintaining the network systems and tending to all the needs of the users at the organization.

In almost all cases prior to our contracting with these clients, the person tasked with maintaining systems was inundated with making sure updates were done on systems, making sure that users had systems available to them, making sure that all data was secured, making sure that backups were run and were available in the event of the need of recovery, etc .

Because of this many of these normal maintenance tasks were neglected as there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to manage these systems along with making sure that there actual job description work was completed.

Then, since systems weren’t maintained or monitored, systems would fail creating downtime for all users where users were sitting around with nothing to do because there was an is so much dependence on these systems.

IT Staff Managing Many Systems

Other clients of ours are organizations that do have IT staff, but have the need to outsource the management of some crucial systems, in many cases because there are so many different types of systems available, the IT staff didn’t have as much experience in all the different systems to be able to quickly respond to problems in any given system.

Some organizations have IT staff that quickly respond to users needs and are excellent at monitoring systems to be able to respond to hardware issues, but then weren’t able to respond to a network security event from an inside threat because they didn’t have the requisite system to track the user that may have caused the problem.

We have systems that provide employee and activity monitoring that will allow the IT staff to quickly act on any inside threat

Other clients had IT staff that were managing several servers that each performed a single role. When there would be an issue with any particular role server, there was significant downtime while that issue would be resolved because there were no redundant servers due to lack of budget for these redundant servers.

We assist these clients by managing these systems on our redundant systems eliminating a significant amount of downtime, making it cost effective for the organization because they don’t need all of these systems and the IT staff’s time is freed to concentrate on other system needs in the organization.

Our Managed Services Options

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