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The Problem

With our Managed IT Services, we can take all your IT needs off of your hands. Often in Small and Medium-Sized businesses, we find that executives or managers have been tasked with additionally managing the IT of the organization. This involves taking time out of the day to answer all your users IT questions, such as ‘Why did the font change on this webpage?’ or ‘Why does Java say it’s out of date?’.  This also means time out of your day (or your entire day) is taken with these questions – And then you need to do your actual work.

Then, it’s been determined that you need to do something better or more complicated with your network.  You have to find the IT solutions, make sure they work for what you need, and then make sure they are implemented – all with no down time.

Other times in other larger organizations, the IT staff is in place, however the IT staff has the same issues with your users, and can’t maintain the network systems because they are tasked with answering, often menial, questions related to users workloads.

In this case, the IT staff is burdened and can’t effectively help your business in the manner in which they were hired for – to help the company succeed.

This is where we come in. We can take this off your hands so you can focus on your daily activities. Our dedicated IT staff can field all these questions for you, directly through our help desk, and we can ensure that the questions have been answered.  We also have experience with all of our other clients software packages and cloud applications, and we know what works and what will work in your network for any specific problem.

What We Do

  • Monitor and Manage your desktops to be alerted of any potential OS or hardware errors
  • Monitor and Manage your security software on all devices
  • Ensure system updates are performed on all applicable network devices
  • Monitor and Manage data backups and disaster recovery
  • Manage and Monitor your firewalls and other network devices
  • Manage your email services, including spam and archival
  • Provide support to you and all your users

How to Get Started

All of our Managed IT Services are custom priced based on all included devices in a clients network. The pricing provided on this site is to be used as a guide to get you started.

Contact Us to get started.  One of our staff will come out, meet with you to discuss and needs and what you’d like to get done, then perform a technical analysis of your network.  Based on the analysis, we’ll then go over with you how we can our services to your network.