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Manufacturing IT Services

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges today, competition, expansion, supply chains, and additional products, among other things. When in this manufacturing landscape, you need to be able to react quickly to be able to beat your competitiors.

You can’t afford downtime of failed systems, such as your ERP or communications systems. You also can’t afford the security risks associated with handling yours or your customers digital plans or documents. You also need to be able to be sure that your information doesn’t get in the wrong hands.

You also need to be able to properly plan for all tasks for any given client and be able to manage any and all projects efficiently to be able to keep yourself on the same page with your clients needs and demands.

TR Technologies, Inc. understands how quickly you need to be able to respond to your clients and how all valuable it is to have systems that allow all information to be communicated without any of it getting lost in the shuffle.

What We Do

  • Manage your access to your ERP system
  • Manage your access to your QMS system
  • Monitor and Manage your desktops to be alerted of any potential OS or hardware errors
  • Monitor and Manage your security software on all devices
  • Ensure system updates are performed on all applicable network devices
  • Monitor and Manage data backups and disaster recovery
  • Manage and Monitor your firewalls and other network devices
  • Manage your email services, including spam and archival
  • Provide support to you and all your users


  • Managed IT Services and RMM – We managed all your network devices, workstations, and servers, and make sure all systems stay maintained and updated.  We monitor all systems to be warned of any potential issues to make sure that any potential problems can be eliminated before any downtime
  • Spam Protection and Mail Security – We provide management of your mail services to ensure that no email with malware or phishing attempts gets through to your users and that they aren’t allowed to cause a potential issue
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Safely allow your users to access their email and other data that you specify from their mobile devices.  Control their access and lock down systems when access should no longer be allowed
  • Manged Backup and Disaster Recovery – Protect all your systems and data.  We can ensure that backups are being run regularly without failure and act immediately if there is a failure. No longer need for your users to initiate a check, full reports are emailed
  • Managed Endpoint Security – We managed the antivirus and antispyware on all of your devices. Don’t wait for your users to notify you, we get notified and can act immediately before any further damage can be done. Our systems send your key people reporting information
  • Managed Employee Monitoring – Wondering how something happened that caused issues on your systems? Be able to track the events that caused any system damage or any data to be compromised
  • Managed Web Monitoring – Protect your users from potentially exposing your network through phishing attempts – where users are convinced to go to a site that is designed to look like a real site but is actually a site that steals information. Only allow use of authorized websites.
  • Managed Cloud – We provide and manage your data in the cloud to be secured and available to all users. Either by syncing with your local servers, or by keeping your network entirely in the cloud we make your data available to all authorized users and give additional access for your clients to quickly, efficiently, and securely send data to you
  • Email Encryption – Encrypt email that contains personal information.  Ensure that all email that needs to be sent securely is done so.

How to Get Started

All of our Managed IT Services are custom priced based on all included devices in a clients network. The pricing provided on this site is to be used as a guide to get you started.

Contact Us to get started.  One of our staff will come out, meet with you to discuss and needs and what you’d like to get done, then perform a technical analysis of your network.  Based on the analysis, we’ll then go over with you how we can our services to your network.